Why Buy Instead of Rent

Renting is a great option, but there are many advantages to buying a home.  The renter’s market here in Colorado is thriving, and because of this, we’ve started to see huge increases in rent. In fact the average cost to rent an apartment in Colorado is almost $1,200, which is a 7% increase from last… [Read More]

Denver inventory continues climb November, but so do prices

Metro Denver home inventory continues climb in November, but so do prices The inventory of homes in metro Denver inched upward year-over-year, but the rise was once again outpaced by price appreciation. The number of active listings in the metro, including both detached single-family houses and attached condominiums and townhomes, increased by 6% to 6,954… [Read More]

How to Save for a Down Payment

With rent getting higher and higher, saving for that down payment can feel almost impossible.  Before you start the process of buying a new home, it’s always a good idea to start saving for a downpayment. Sure, there may be possible alternatives available, but in a competitive housing market, the more you can put down… [Read More]